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Endryko Karmadi

Endryko Karmadi (Ndryko) studied at the university of University of Bunda Mulia majoring in Communication Visual Design where he gained his knowledge about Advertising and Graphic Design.

Ndryko’s compositions can focus on telling a distinct story, or are purely decorative purposes, as Endryko creates complex patterns with geometric and organic forms featuring a variety of colours.

The mixture of his intricate, creative approach and the incorporation of nature into his work develops an tasteful appeal that enhances any living environment.

Have a look at Endryko’s eye-catching designs created for Robin Sprong Wallaper below. Pick a piece that’s perfect for your space, add your custom sizing and send us an inquiry.

Endryko Karmadi (Ndryko) is a Jakarta born designer who is influenced by the rich culture of his homeland Indonesia. His natural flair for mixing, deconstruction and exploration of his art is the key to his creative style. The process starts from a single line or sketch, then is transformed into a digital artwork that exudes harmonious feelings, vibrant nuances and positive excitement.

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