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Sarah Corynen

Sarah Corynen is a Belgian designer and artist, originally educated in fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, graduated in 1993. For many years she has been employed in the fashion industry and related fields.
Gradually she started focusing more on the graphic and experimental side of her work and at the same time she limited her fashion-work to the knitwear medium.

In addition to the knitwear she continued making drawings, graphic artworks and objects using different media such as black indian ink, colored markers, cardboard, acrylic colors, etc.
In the past years she has developed a body of work in which applied and autonomous art coexist. Sarah mainly finds inspiration in daily life situations, nature, animals... In all her work she tries to maintain a graphical language that is bold, simple, brute, witty, straightforward and with a touch of humour.

In February 2014 Sarah Corynen started her own creative studio and she showed her drawings for the first time at the textile shows Première Vision in Paris and Heimtextil in Frankfurt. Clients she worked with in the past are worldwide and produce fashion or home/interior products.

Her goal for the near future is to further develop this graphic style and aesthetic in self-initiated or commissioned projects.
Sarah Corynen lives and works in Belgium.

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